Working In High Frame Rate Videos

Have you ever thought of shooting and seeing how a bullet breaks glass, how a bubble pops or even how water flows? If you use a regular camera, you wouldn’t see much but if you find a camera that shoots 80,000 frames per second then you will see how interesting the scenarios above look like. Here are a few things to consider when you want to work with videos with high frame rates.

  1. Choose your weapon, well in this case you choose the right camera to be used. It is important that you find a high speed camera that can record fast events or scenarios. There are now lots of different high speed cameras and it will all depend on your budget. You should not just take a look at the frame rate the camera is capable of capturing but also its resolution as well as light sensitivity.
  2. Find lenses that will do great for the job. Aside from your camera, you might also need to have additional powerful lenses to capture a high speed shot clearly. This comes in handy when you are shooting outdoors and when the light is not being cooperative. You can also add in macro lenses and other types of lenses to create focus and enable you to capture every detail of that moment.
  3. Take a look at your environment and make sure that it is proper for your video shoot. When you are indoors, it would be much easier to control the environment because you can easily add lighting. For those who are working outdoors, you need to check the weather and make sure the conditions will enable you to shoot your video. You can use reflectors if the light is not enough and you also have to make sure that your equipment is protected from rain or the sun.
  4. Lighting plays a very important part in high frame rate videos because it helps make your work visual. The higher the frame rate is, the more light is required. The lighting you need to have will illuminate each detail of your subject and sometimes even if the fcpx plugins review says that the lighting effect of that specific plug-in is great, it is still useless in this field. Select flicker free ballasts so that it doesn’t affect your work.
  5.  Make sure you have a systematic process to create your high speed video. The video you get from your camera is just a raw footage of your short clip and even if it is just a raw clip, it can consume lots of space in your storage. Make sure you work with people who know how to deal with the raw footage that you have so that they won’t accidentally ruin it and lead you to film once again. If you don’t have your own equipment for the high speed videos, you can rent them out but most of the rental houses would require you to have a Tech savvy personnel working with you. This makes the job easier for you and it also helps keep their equipment safe.

Development Paths in WordPress

When learning the basics of WordPress, you may encounter three main development paths that can be taken. These are concerned with the development of different themes, various plugins and the core software itself.


Focusing on Building Themes


Themes can be used to give your website a unique look. The theme, however, is separate from the actual web content. This makes use of templates, template tags and WordPress loops to set the layout, layout choices and visual design of the website.


A lot of WordPress developers start with learning how to modify available pre-formatted themes. Eventually, you may be able to create your own theme and share it with others. In order to build these themes, you will need to have at least the basic knowledge of the three main programming languages, which are PHP, CSS and HTML. With these, you will be able to customize themes according to your needs or build a new one based on your preferences and requirements.


When delving into theme development for the first time, it is also important to learn the standards set by WordPress when coding. The WordPress coding standards, CSS coding standards and site design and layout guidelines must be followed.


Focusing on Creating Plugins


While themes can be used to alter the look of your website, plugins can be used to modify the default behavior of WordPress. If you are in need of additional functionality, plugins are the way to go.


For example, you can create forums, social networks and membership sites among many others with the use of plugins. You can create custom post types in addition to the available ones. You can change how the log-in process works. You can allow your visitors to add each other as friends and send private messages to one other. The possibilities are endless.


PHP scripts are used to create these alterations. Therefore, the web developers with previous experience on working with PHP are usually interested in building plugins.




Focusing on Improving the Core Software


The most complex among the three is developing the core software for WordPress. Beginners and amateurs may not want to jump onto this development path right away. Ideally, previous experience on working with PHP is needed.


Learning More with Smarter Digital


If you are interested in consulting with a WordPress developer, then you may want to find one with considerable experience in working on at least one of these development paths. You may ask the developer to help you in creating a unique theme or a specific plugin for your website.


If you are in need of a reliable wordpress developer in London to jumpstart your online campaigns, then please feel free to get in touch with our team at Smarter Digital. Experienced in all aspects of WordPress development, we will be glad to discuss with you how we can establish the right website with the right web content for you or your business.